Tips & Advice - CV's and Interview Prep

If you are looking for your first job and wanting to make a career move and need to create a new CV and also prepare for potential interviews and test, check out this great website -

Apart from the paid services provided, they also provide free advice and templates with regards to the following:
Here we guide you through the steps of the process

Thinking About Changing Your Career

  1. Changing Careers - Considerations
  2. Career Planning
  3. Graduate Careers Advice - 9 articles, including:
  4. Professional Qualifications
  5. Working Abroad
  6. Going Freelance
  7. Types of Jobs - Roles and Responsibilities - 36 jobs described
  8. Resigning
  9. Redundancy
  10. Returning To Work

Searching for a job

  1. Job Hunting
  2. Being Head-Hunted
  3. Targeting Your Job Search
  4. Free Job Hunt Tracking Tool

Writing a CV

  1. How to Write a CV
  2. Get That Job With The Right CV - Book Extracts
  3. The Perfect CV
  4. Explaining Gaps in Employment
  5. How Your Job History Affects Your Career Future
  6. CVs and Resumes Compared
  7. Writing a Covering Letter
  8. Spelling and Grammar in CVs

Writing a LinkedIn profile

  1. Why is LinkedIn Important?
  2. LinkedIn Keyword Research
  3. Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile
  4. How to Build Your LinkedIn Network
  5. Stand Out From the Crowd on LinkedIn
  6. Top 10 Tips for LinkedIn

Filling in an Application Form

  1. Application Forms Guide
  2. Writing the Perfect Application Form
  3. Graphology

Preparing for an Interview

  1. How To Cope With Job Interviews
  2. Tough Interview Questions
  3. Assessment Centres - How to Succeed
  4. How To Give a Presentation
  5. Body Language
  6. Psychometric Testing
  7. Online Psychometric Tests
  8. Behaviour Interviews
  9. Telephone Interviews
  10. Top Interview Questions and Answers
  11. Classic Interview Questions and Answers
  12. Tough Interview Questions and Answers
  13. Yet More Interview Questions and Answers
  14. Interview Questions Tool
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