The latest South African Journal of Geomatics


Here is a list of the latest articles published by the South African Journal of Geomatics, Vol 6, No 2 (2017)


Study on the accuracy of school location information in South Africa

Lauren Hankel, Melissa Burgess, Kobus Roux, Anita van Deventer, Merryl Ford, Ronel Smith, Sives Govender

Effects of different building blocks designs on the statistical characteristics of Automated Zone-design Tool output areas

Tholang Mokhele, Onisimo Mutanga, Fethi Ahmed

Evaluating public ambulance service levels by applying a GIS based accessibility analysis approach

Ethel Baloyi, Hunadi Mokgalaka, Cheri Green, Gerbrand Mans

Impact of Gautrain stations on property prices and sales activity in the City of Johannesburg between 2006 and 2015

Kathryn Arnold, Alize le Roux, Marcelle Hattingh

An evaluation of the efficiency of laser scanning technology in the quantitative analysis of corrosion

Hendrik Grobler, Gregory Combrink

Rasberry Pi and BeagleBones: Evaluating a cost-effective GPS system for on-mine navigation

Hendrik Grobler, Charl van der Walt

Spatial trends in tourism within South Africa: The expected and the surprising

David McKelly, Christian Rogerson, Elsona van Huysteen, Johan Maritz, Mawande Ngidi

Using a hybrid methodology of dasyametric mapping and data interpolation techniques to undertake population data (dis)aggregation in South Africa

Mawande Ngidi, Gerbrand Mans, David McKelly, Zukisa Sogoni

Evaluating the effects of generalisaton approaches and DEM resolution on the extraction of terrain indices in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Jonathan Atkinson, Andrei Rozanov, Willem de Clercq

An algorithm to retrieve Land Surface Temperature using Landsat-8 Dataset

Ayodeji Ogunode, Mulemwa Akombelwa


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