Interview questions asked by specific companies

Glassdoor, a job board and recruitment community website has a great forum where candidates lists the questions they were asked in interviews. You can visit the site and search for the company that might be interviewing you. Although this forum will not list all or specific position questions, it does give you a good idea of some of the general questions asked.

Here are two examples for the questions Vodacom and MTN recently asked candidates:


  • Do you consider yourself a customer-friendly person?
  • What computer skills do you possess?
  • Do you have a family member or a friend who works at Vodacom?
  • What are your goals with Vodacom?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Do you work well in teams?
  • Are you free to voice your opinion and think of creative ways to tackle problems?
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • How would you approach the role you are applying for?
  • Give practical examples where you solved a work problem.
  • How do you manage difficult customers?


  • What do you know about MTN?
  • Why are you interested in working at MTN?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why did you leave your last job? (Or, why are you planning to leave?)
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Give us an example of where you have succeeded at a task.
  • Give us an example of where you have failed at a task.
  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • What is your biggest strength?
  • How will you build MTN’s competitive advantage?
  • Tell me how you would do an overhaul of a faulty generator engine? (Aimed at technical staff)

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Friday, 24 June 2016 10:29